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Chapter 5 Page 5

Chapter 5 Page 5 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 5 Page 5

Bonus page! As always, extra updates come to you courtesy of our amazing Patreon backers:

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Dan and Lin by Laura Watton

Guest Art Week 7 by Laura Watton

Guest Art Week 7 by Laura Watton published on 4 Comments on Guest Art Week 7 by Laura Watton

Our seventh and final week of guest art features Laura‘s take on everybody’s favorite twosome.

Big thanks once again to all of the artists who helped keep things rolling during our hiatus – and don’t forget to join us next week as we launch D&W Chapter 5: The Hard Sell!


Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton

Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton published on 7 Comments on Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton

Appropriately enough, today’s guest piece hails from an artist whose comic actually launched in 1995!

Laura Watton is a UK comicker heavily influenced by ’80s and ’90s Japanese pop culture and comics, and goes by the name PinkAppleJam online. Laura’s long-running 3-book comic series Biomecha is a sci-fi drama about growing up in a near-future world of imperfect cybernetics in a school/college scenario. The characters handle powers and problems of biomechanics, PSI powers, integrated future tech… as well as the paranoia and questions that come with all of that. Book 3 of the series is currently underway via Patreon.

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  • Guest Art Week 5 by Eve G. Wood

    Guest Art Week 5 by Eve Greenwood

    Guest Art Week 5 by Eve Greenwood published on 1 Comment on Guest Art Week 5 by Eve Greenwood

    Dan has a lot on his mind these days, huh? This week’s featured piece of guest art comes courtesy of our friend Eve Greenwood, who has (self-professed) terrible taste in Pokémon and makes a comic about teenagers with superpowers (and problems) called Inhibit!


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