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Chapter 8 Cover

Chapter 8 Cover published on 12 Comments on Chapter 8 Cover

D&W will be returning on 16th June (patrons should get a page or two this week!)
Thanks to those of you that have been patient during our little detour into dating sims that took a little longer than we’d hoped :)
It also coincided with me moving to Sweden and Io being his usual busy self so you know, all of that didn’t help. Looking forward to getting back on track though! -Cryo

Dates & Wires is out!

Dates & Wires is out! published on 20 Comments on Dates & Wires is out!

Dates & Wires, the first official D&W visual novel is now available on!

It’s a dreary night in Unylsk and you’re a horrible trash tourist desperate to make some terrible life choices. One night, six dates, many endings some of which might even be good.

If you’re supporting us on Patreon, you should get the final release version in your inboxes.

Originally planned as an April Fool’s joke, the game quickly outgrew its original scope and took almost 4 months to make, but here it is, featuring some cool new lore even for folks familiar with the comic.

Big thanks to NINGEN for providing the music and our patrons and playstesters.

Chapter 7 Page 50

Chapter 7 Page 50 published on 9 Comments on Chapter 7 Page 50

Yes, we did go on a random hiatus *checks notes* 1 page before ending the chapter. Sorry about that! Between my move to Sweden, Io being busy with Life Stuff and us working on Dates & Wires, the D&W otome game that comes out on Monday, our schedule kind of went off the rails. Hopefully things will settle down soon so we can start rebuilding our buffer and give chapter 8 the start it deserves.
Thanks so much for reading and commenting, it really means a lot! <3 -Cryo

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