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D&W Apparel Now Available!

D&W Apparel Now Available! published on 2 Comments on D&W Apparel Now Available!

Less Meat, More 1337(Just in time for our six month anniversary, too.)

Clothing has always been high up on our personal merch wishlist, so we’re happy to announce that we’ve just dropped our very first set of Drugs & Wires tees, tank tops, and hoodies on Spreadshirt. Selection is a little thin at the moment, but we’ll be plugging away and adding more designs over time. Fan feedback is also very important to us, so if there’s a particular design you’d like to see, don’t be shy – hit us up on social media!

Drugs & Wires Issue 1 Coming to Print!

Drugs & Wires Issue 1 Coming to Print! published on 3 Comments on Drugs & Wires Issue 1 Coming to Print!

Drugs & Wires Issue 1 CoverDrugs & Wires is currently on hiatus, but Team D&W is far from idle! With the fall/winter con season now in full gear, we’re plugging away at a couple of new print projects that we’re hoping to debut at the London MCM Comic Con and Thought Bubble. First on the docket: the print version of Drugs & Wires Chapter 1. “Clean and Sober Living” collects all 23 pages of the webcomic to date, along with selections of Cryoclaire’s concept art and one of our all-time most popular D&W one-shots, “The Arm”. To tie it all together, Claire’s whipped up an all-new, extra-moody coloring job for the title page. That’s right: we’re talking variant cover. Can’t get much more ’90s than that.

But if you can’t make it to London or Leeds, don’t worry – we’ll be offering D&W: Clean and Sober Living through our online store as soon as we shake off the convention dust, along with any other new print merch we manage to crank out these next few weeks.

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