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Great Lin Cosplay by Nix!

Great Lin Cosplay by Nix! published on No Comments on Great Lin Cosplay by Nix!

Though her knowledge of the human body is shaky at best and her medical ethics went out the window a long time ago, Lin the modder somehow still finds customers willing to drop good money for her services. Casually indifferent to other humans, she’s developed a bit of a soft spot for Dan over the years – much as you would for a puppy that can’t seem to stop tripping over its own tail.

While we’re still a few weeks out from Lin’s first official appearance in Drugs & Wires, this rendition by reader Nix is almost as good as the real thing (and hopefully, less likely to ‘accidentally’ leave you with massively illegal enhancements you never asked for).

Even more exciting is the fact that this is our first official fan cosplay –  but hopefully not the last! You can check out Nix’s Tumblr (NSFW) for more pictures of her costume.

Hex Phase EP Released!

Hex Phase EP Released! published on 1 Comment on Hex Phase EP Released!

hex phase cover artComposer Neon Shudder has been a long-time fixture in Dan and Lin’s messed-up world, having contributed backing tracks to both the second and third installments of Dreamspace. His latest EP, Hex Phase, is now available for streaming and pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp, and features some pixel-tastic cover art from our very own Cryoclaire! If you’re in the mood for some old-school, synth-driven ambience with a distinct cyberpunk flavor, definitely give Hex Phase a spin.

Meet Cryoclaire at the MCM London Comic Con!

Meet Cryoclaire at the MCM London Comic Con! published on No Comments on Meet Cryoclaire at the MCM London Comic Con!

The artier half of the Drugs & Wires creative team is returning to MCM London Comic Con, the UK’s #1 pop culture event, from May 22nd to 24th. Swing by her table at the Comic Village for sketches, D&W/Dreamspace merch, and possibly even lucid conversation!

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