AKA “The_Escapist”. A former virtual reality operator who’s perpetually drifting in and out of various addictions. Our hero, for a given value of “hero.”

Chapter 5 Page 5

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Bonus page! As always, extra updates come to you courtesy of our amazing Patreon backers: Diceman, Nobody, Carrie Dickman, Franck Yvonnet, Danny Spillane, Connor Ellis, Aaron Clark, B2RN, nervousshpwrk, drwdal, Michael, Red, Ben Sebastian, Aleksander Ratzloff, Tarl Armstrong, Pavel Penev, stroggo, Xemobiz, Laura Hutton, Michael Hartog, Anton Shiryaev, Ollie Wilson, Mary Musgrave, Martyn Wells, Kalia, A.W., Emanuela… Continue reading Chapter 5 Page 5

Chapter 5 Page 17

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We’re back! Sorry for the long absense, everyone. Past month has been extremely busy, partially due to our Kickstarter prep! It should be going up within the next couple of days though, so watch this space. Going forward we’ll update the website on Wednesdays, but aim for Monday for our Patrons on Patreon!