AKA Cybernator. One of the sharpest (and cockiest) operators on the scene, which is no mean feat when you haven’t even hit legal drinking age yet. Thanks to indulgent parents and the wonders of mail order, Nate is neck-deep in the latest, shiniest tech, some of which might even work as advertised.

Despite going together about as well as nails and a chalkboard, Nate and Dan have teamed up on a number of VR contracts over the years. That partnership ended on something of a sour note after their last job left Dan with a nasty worm problem.

Chapter 3: Rock Bottom

Chapter 3: Rock Bottom published on 7 Comments on Chapter 3: Rock Bottom

A cover for the upcoming chapter we’re hoping to launch soon. Sorry for the delay – this hiatus has been pretty long due to various real life shenanigans, hopefully we’ll be back on track in a couple more weeks or so!

Chapter 3 Page 20

Chapter 3 Page 20 published on 12 Comments on Chapter 3 Page 20

Merry Christmas, everyone! As per a very Russian tradition, I’m leaving the holiday special update for the New Year, in the meantime, here’s a conclusion of the current scene. Looking forward to not having to draw Fixer’s shop for a while.  -Cryo