A luckless member of Synacon’s sales team tasked with goosing international sales for Dreamspace 95.

Chapter 4 Page 25

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Due to Thought Bubble and other stuff piling up I’ve been a bit late getting this update out, but here it is! Thanks to our Patreon supporters this is a double page update week, so make sure you check the previous page too!

Chapter 5 Page 17

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We’re back! Sorry for the long absense, everyone. Past month has been extremely busy, partially due to our Kickstarter prep! It should be going up within the next couple of days though, so watch this space. Going forward we’ll update the website on Wednesdays, but aim for Monday for our Patrons on Patreon!

Chapter 5 Page 21

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Apologies for the long delay on this page! We’re hoping to catch up asap. In other news, our Kickstarter wrapped up this Saturday and we’re in the process of getting things ready for it! Thank you so much to all of you who pledged and supported us – we can’t wait to get the books… Continue reading Chapter 5 Page 21