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Cyber Monday Special: Free Shipping on 2+ D&W Shirts!

Cyber Monday Special: Free Shipping on 2+ D&W Shirts! published on 5 Comments on Cyber Monday Special: Free Shipping on 2+ D&W Shirts!

Cyberpunk MondayHappy Cyber(punk) Monday! If you’ve been waiting to get one of our D&W shirts, Spreadshirt is currently offering free shipping on all orders or two or more items until December 1st. Just use the discount code 2GIFTS and you should be all set!


Aww, doesn’t apply to international shipping apparently :(

Oh no, I’ll have a look later but that doesn’t sound right! D: Did you remember to put the 2GIFTS code in?

I did remember the code. It knocks off 4£ (which I assume is the local shipping) but still charges full price for the international which leaves it more than I can comfortably afford at the moment. I had to settle for the print volumes to scratch my D&W merch itch. (Plus badges, I’m very excited.)

But don’t worry, some point early next year when I get my bonus check from work I’ll be splurging for at least two of the shirts. I need the Dreamspace and “image not found” shirts at a bare minimum.

My US-based friend tried it and it didn’t seem to add any shipping after the discount. It could’ve been VAT? (sales tax) Anyway, sorry about that! Hope you manage to grab them some other time :) I actually just got a “no image” shirt for myself today because I’m sad like that! And I should be shipping your book tomorrow (or today, technically..) so hope it gets to you soon! (also, you should probably tell me which badges you’d like as there’s 4 designs available!)


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