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AWESOME! Lin’s here, and she’s just as awesome as ever :D.

Also, that poor bastard she’s currently got under the knife (well, not “currently-currently,” seeing as she’s preoccupied with take-out at the moment) has to be drugged up to the gills with some pretty powerful painkillers… Or not, seeing as this IS Lin we’re talking about here. That, and he kinda needs to be at least semi-conscious, so that he can let her know when he feels the nerves connect to his implant (or something like that; it’s been a while since I dove deep into the hard science behind biomechatronics).

Well, anaesthetic or not, he’s definitely semi-awake, and probably wishes he wasn’t. And you honestly won’t find any hard science in this comic (let alone Lin’s lab) – after all, if I tried to make things realistic, Dan and everyone else with a brain implant would’ve been dead long before this comic even started.

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