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That computer eye thing has always been something I’ve been super curious about back when these characters were just sketches. Glad I’m finally gonna see it in action.

This looks really awesome!! I wanna read more when’s the next update?? (=゚ω゚)ノ


This is going to lead to a prolonged arguement of some kind between Dan and Lin, all while that poor schmuck on the table is just lying there, barely anesthetized, his eyes darting back and for between the two of them, trying to get their attention like, “Um… Hello? Still here, chest hanging open, waiting to get his implant fixed…”, isn’t it? (lol XP)

If he isn’t already regretting his choice of installers, it’s only a matter of time.
– Io

Then again, depending on whether or not the implant functions better than before (or better than it does for others who have it), the benefits might outweight the pain endured to receive them. After all, some of the best creators, innovators, etc, out there are the eccentric ones.

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