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Argh! Our first cliffhanger! Nice work on this one, Cryo.

Yeah, actual plot is finally happening! Of course, the credit for writing and said plot goes to Io. But thank you :D

Claire’s very kind, but it’s really more of a 50-50 split. She actually wrote the initial pass on this first chapter, and the two of us punched it up from there.
– Io

“satan be with you”
You must make a poster with that page

Waaait… it’s on the wrong side of his head. Twin brother? Literal mirror man? Or accidental flip and obituary? (press SHIFT+F, ALT+SHIFT+D, keys are right next to each other. they should really fix that)

Actually, that’s how his implant looked like before it turned into an unsightly circular scar. …of course, he also happens to have a tattoo of the exact same symbol on the other side of his head which is a shitty design flaw that I never quite ironed out. I should really make the tattoo side paler/more tattoo-looking in the next pages, since it’s probably too late to change anything else.
…But I actually did mess up his implant placement in some of the past pages, so please do keep pointing them out ;_; *headwall*


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