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I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to play QA for a moment and mention some inconsistencies.
-In panel 6: Vlad is missing the green bracer he’s wearing in panel 5.
-In every panel except 2 he seems to have a cut near the ear in his jacket collar.
-The spikes in his jacket are coloured white in panel 1, but not in the following panels.
-He lacks the hair he has on his arm in panel 3 that he has in panel 5.
-The “6.66%”(Hehe) on the wine bottle doesn’t appear in panel 7, despite how small the label appears in 8.
-In panels 2 and 4 Mira’s tattoo seems to lack the colour it has in 1 and 3.
-Natalya’s stray hair grows in a different direction in panel 5 than 1 and her hairline in panel 1 doesn’t end at the stray hair where her implant should be.
As for dialogue, “all right” should probably be ‘alright’.

I can’t wait to see how this ‘soiree’ turns out. I keep refreshing even though I know it’s still sunday/monday.

We were pushing it pretty close with this comic, so a few slip-ups were probably inevitable. While I can’t speak to the art side, “all right” is technically correct. You could make a case for using “alright” as it’s informal spoken dialogue, but I’ve personally never been a fan of the word.

Since you’re a pretty regular fixture in our Livestreams: if you spot anything heinously wrong during the inking stage in future, definitely give Claire a heads up in chat.
– Io

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