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hi Claire! first of all, thanks for D&W: yours is one of the two best comics from Russian authors that I know of (the other one is Savil’s “Глубина Заблуждения”, Depth of Delusion :)
anyway, wanted to share a couple of Russian title suggestions. maybe they’re not much by themselves, but will be useful as a nudge in the right direction.
Симуляторы и стимуляторы
Нервная система (or just Система – it’s means different things for junkies and IT people, and it’s a political term to boot)

Hey, thank you :) I’ll check out the other comic asap! I’m pretty out of loop with the Russian comic scene, should really work on that.
Thanks for your suggestions too, I quite like “Симуляторы и Стимуляторы”, although it is a bit long. But yeah, something to think about. Some people on tumblr suggested “Наркота и Провода”. I’ll be fixing up some of my existing translation over the weekend, so I’ll have the time to think about the name and hopefully get more opinions on it.


Savil’s comics are on the same platform, – you may have seen his earlier stuff, House M.D. and Lord of the Rings reenacted by toucans :)
(and, well, not that there’s really that much of a scene to fall out of touch with).
agreed about the name being too long; well, maybe it’ll come in handy in some other way.

Just reading through old pages – the guy leaning at the bar (next to the bottle-thrower) is the same person who got Lin’s noodles in his chest, right?

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