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I keep checking back for an update every 1o minutes, I’m so pumped up!

Hey! I’m glad to hear you’re excited for the new page, and I really appreciate your support! Makes me even sadder to have to confess that unfortunately, this week was a bit rough for me and I wasn’t able to finish the page on time. It might come out later in the week, or just get moved to next Sunday. Meanwhile, Io is working on some extra content we’re going to put up later today to make the wait less painful :D Again, I’m really sorry about this – I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of the updates, but slip ups happen. Hopefully I’ll get to rebuild a page buffer after this chapter is over.


Dude, don’t stress the whole “page is a bit late” thing. Just keep creating stuff as good as we’ve already read, and stop sweating the small stuff. Great if you can get to a buffer, but until then, this IS worth waiting for.

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