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Oh wow, this page really paints Dan as an idiot.
I didn’t even know about Hogweed, it sounds like one hazardous plant. Smoking something that can make you blind by touching it the wrong way sounds suicidal. Nice amanita tea reference.

I know he’s done dumb shit in the past but… So much for the cynical silent genius I thought he was.

A shame the rest of them don’t understand.
I mean, trippy stories like that are funny, but he seems to be self-destructing from pain, mental or otherwise.

This comic is fucking great also. I wish you much time, energy, and moneys to work on it.

They’re mockin’him? After all he did…
And yeah, other people always remember your worst/ridiculous days…
I’m holdin a grudge at some people for this reason, ahah.
Like, wtf, I was a kid back then. Can’t we just, ya know, move on?

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