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Saw you draw part of this. Neat :D
Who’s the frizzy one?

That’s “Code4Food”, but I don’t think either of the operators even know her actual name or much else :D


Her eyelids must be painted black, but she looks like she lost her soul for a second there in panel 6.

Ha, “Hundreds and hundreds of MEGS” a far cry from Johnny Mnemoic’s 80gigs. before a memory doubler even.

Hmm, do the cops have screens for faces or is it a tinted viewport of a mask?
On another note, check out that trigger discipline on the guy in the back.

The original line was “hundreds of gigs”, but hey, what’s the fun of writing retrofuturism if you can’t poke fun at the limitations of ’90s computer tech?

Regarding your other question, I pitched the “MuniciCops” (as they’re informally known) to Claire as wearing anonymizing screens over their faces – ones that project a scrambled ASCII interpretation of the wearer’s actual expression. Not terribly practical, but it’s a fun visual.
– Io

Call me weird, but Code4Food is actually kinda cute for someone who’s brain is off halfway to Mars. Maybe it’s the freckles and frizzy red hair?

And oh look! Our tax-dollars at work (lol XP). Seems like we’re about to get a look at the Chernozyom’s apparently rather “hands-on” approach to the sim issue.

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