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well i would say sunday would be something to look forward too now, but now i realize i just get bummed out because the panel lasts like 30 seconds to read

Hey, caught you at Comic con earlier in the year, just wanted to let ya know I loved the comics I bought from you, literally amazing I’m hooked on the characters and can’t wait for more!

~keep writing! ^^

Hey, thank you, glad to hear you liked the books! I’m gonna be back at MCM this October, so do stop by if you’re there – we should hopefully have new stuff out then! :D
(I should point out that D&W writing’s done by my collaborator Io, though :D)


ooh, chapters? How many chapters are you planning on there being? I love the hackers reference, just beautiful. Looking forward to chapter 2

Good job, guys! It’s finally starting, but that “End of chapter 1” gives me the feeling of hiatus… is there goign to be one? For how long in case there is? D:

Been following this forever! I always like to listen to Perturbator or Trevor Something when I read it. Have a good rest, you guys! :3

Also, I have to say, I really like the setting being in Russia rather than a Western country. It’s interesting to see cyberpunk from a non-american, non-asian standpoint.

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