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Free to go? They’re letting that menace to society loose?!

I wait in suspense to see how Dan is doing.

In panel 3 the phone seems to be near the end of the table closest to the window and straight, where as it was diagonal and near the other edge of the table in panel 1.

In panel 5, there’s enough width that the window should be visible behind the drapes as it is in 1. It makes sense that he’s blocking it in panel 2 though.

I wonder how long it takes for the FemCop to glue the screen-mask around her hair. Or maybe it’s a wig?

I already know about a lot of those things. Often i just don’t have the time to redraw everything just because it’s at a slightly wrong angle – I’m just hoping that with practice I can get more of it right as I’m pencilling and not when I’m already done, but yeah, I know it’s not perfect, I’d never finish anything otherwise.

Dan’s gonna be back soon. After next week, actually. (Spoiler: He’s not doing terribly well. But I’m guessing everyone already knows that, right?)


“A pack of vicious lies! I will sue myself for libel once I get out of this office!”

I lol’d.

Since finding Drugs and Wires last week I’ve since binged on all the archive (a few times), all the one shot strips (a few times) and the prequel (many times). My only regret is that it took me so long to find this in the first place.

Man, I’m just gonna have to re-read this every time I get too lazy/tired to draw :’D Thanks dude, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying this. Wish we could update more!


I am enjoying it immensely. I love cyberpunk (have since I first read Neuromancer) but I’m also a picky reader. You’ve done a top notch job not only working within the cyber punk aesthetic but also the even more important piece too many fiction writers miss out on which is world building. Add believable characters and I’m happily addicted :)

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