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I suspect Naggys pulling a prank on him. Which is exactly what co-workers are for.

unless he Isnt.

Since Dan is a cyborg and the locals have been demonstrated to slaughter cyborgs I don’t think he’s joking.

*intensely approves of your situation-appropriate icon*

Oh s***. I thought it was a fake cyborg body, just, you know, a scarecrow made by cyborgfobes. Now I look at the vest, there are holes and patches on it. Guess what usually makes holes in a bulletproof vest… It might have been borrowed, bought or stolen from a cop, tho. >_>
Well, Cryoclaire knows my feelings for Dan and I’m… s*** s*** I hope everyone will be OK. *laughs, quite nervously*

Holy… the car looked almost clean just one page ago! What the hell did they run into?! Also, love the birdie splat across the windshield – which begs another question: how fast were they going through that mud, anyway?! :D
For those of you wondering, the car is a UAZ-452V, affectionately nicknamed Loaf.

Oh my god XDDD Laughing like an idiot from frame with TV))))
I know that the most of people here are english-speaking, but I just have to post this:
“Они КИИИИИИИБОРГИ, они заполонили всю планееееееетуууу!!!!”

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