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I think it is a good idea to write …titles… (Надписи, короче, так и не понял, как по английски правильно) in Russian with translation. It looks autentefical)

A little question: it was common in the east during the early 90s addressing to people using товарищ with no political context?

Dang Dan has nice handwriting. Might start picking up the habit of sending friends secret messages in russian (ukrainian?) calligraphy lol 19 year olds are still kids
Can’t wait for the next update!

Yeah, using russian stenography)) you know, that which used by doctors)

Even Russian textbook cursive can be stupidly cryptic if you’re not prepared >_>


OK, I have to ask because this question has been begging to be asked ever since I first started reading the comic… Does Dan’s screen name “The_Escapist” have anything to do at all with the song “The Escapist” by Nightwish? I know it’s not in the right time period and symphonic metal probably isn’t the typical musical tie-in for cyberpunk alternate histories but I can see a few parallels between Dan’s search for whatever it is he’s looking for and the “paradise seeker” from the song. Though it wouldn’t be the first time I wrongly imprinted an association between a piece of music and something else.

If nothing else, enjoy the song, it was probably my favorite from the Anette era. (And the lyrics are even mostly correct in this video)

Oh wow, Nightwish, haven’t heard those in a while. I was a big fan of Nightwish back in my teens, but I stopped listening to them around the time Tarja left, so actually no, this is my first time hearing this song. The lyrics are definitely fitting, I’ll bookmark it for my occasional cheesy metal nostalgy :D

Most of the screen names actually did come from me scrolling my Spotify playlist at 3am and picking random (mostly industrial) song names, but Dan’s just kind of happened – I guess I was looking for the simplest, most obvious thing possible. (One could argue track “Escape” has something to do with it, but they’re such a big influence already, do I really need to plug them any more?… I feel bad for everyone who has to endure me playing them on stream every weekend.)


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