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Such a hipster. Good, Dan, good. BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask: what are those four little dots in Lin’s face?

Oh, those are just dermal piercings. I kept them on her since her initial design, even though they’re a bit of a pain to remember to draw!


Concrete mixing and some of the more extreme fringe industrial music may not be as different as you might think :p

One of the things I like about Dan’s character is that despite the fact he lives in relative squalor he has these artsy/upscale quirks. His coffee, his cigarettes, his reading material, and now even his taste in social fringe music.

I also like that in his efforts to “dress nice” he did… apparently nothing to even attempt at appeasing Lin. Good for you Dan :)

You know, I think I could almost get into Musique Concrete. As a fan of YTP, I can at least understand how people presented with a relatively new and novel technology (recording and mixing sounds in one instance, editing and mixing video in the other) want to mess around with it and make some experimental nonsense to test the limits of the medium and the tech. Actually seems similar to Dreamspace and VR mindtripping, in a way. I can get why Dan would be into it.

Just finished reading the archives – I stumbled on this through the drawings you posted on /r/cyberpunk last year, fell in love with your style!

I’m a massive fan of 1990s retro cyberpunk (wish more writers/artists would leap back in time to this setting). Been looking for this exact thing for so long… Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks! I’m amazed that ancient /r/cyberpunk thread still brings us traffic, but I’m certainly not complaining. That post really was kind of life-changing – I had no idea there was demand for the kind of low-tech, slice of lifey stuff I was doodling. I would have never imagined teaming up with a writer and working on an Actual Legit Comic back then. Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


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