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Hi Claire, Io–

Been a fan since day 1 after reading/experiencing the Dreamscape Trilogy. Just wanted to say that I’ve been watching carefully, and am quite pleased to say you’ve become my favorite webcomic of all time, even in the relatively brief year+ I’ve been following ya. Part of it’s because I love the art and writing, but it’s also you guys — I like the dynamic you’ve got going, the fan interaction, and above all else the way I found you and how, from my perspective, you started: all the way back with a post on /r/cyberpunk that I happened to come across. Talk about fate.

Even more, though, is you make me think. Not just about your story, but cyberpunk and the world we’re moving into, as well as how I might be able to do something similar. I’m about to finish up my master’s degree in the applied ethics of emerging/future technology, so it’s almost my job to think deep about all this shit. Recently I’ve just found myself wondering, how could I do something similar? The problem is all I can do is write. Any tips? I have a cyberpunk story I’ve been brainstorming for months and recently started, and plan posting weekly chapters over on /r/cyberpunk soon (where I’ll also be posting a cyberpunk pic of the week with analysis in the comments) as a gesture of love to the community (and to get free criticism).

Finally, just wanted to say I’ll be posting some comments about each week’s comic, sometimes criticism and sometimes just what I like, unless there’s nothing coming to mind, in return for the free content you provide and hard work you put in. This week for example, all I can say is that I love Dan’s shirt reveal but wish it was a BIT more unique, since as it is, I KNOW people with that shirt. It’d be cool to see it reflect the world of D&W just a bit more. Other than that, the color on this one is just fucking stellar. That’s really all I can add.

With all of the love,

Hey, Zen. Thanks for the kind words – reader support means a hell of a lot to us, and it’s incredibly gratifying that people think so highly of what we’re doing. Hopefully we’ll continue to deliver as the story picks up steam!

Speaking as a fellow “just a writer”, fiction is a fantastic medium for analysis and speculation, especially when it comes to emerging technologies/social trends. I’d admit I’m probably not the best source for advice – for me, co-writing D&W was the first real breakthrough after years of poking at various creative projects that never quite got off the ground – but there’s a number of great venues for short- and longform stories out there. If you’re looking for a starting point beyond Reddit, have you considered writing something to submit to a genre magazine like Apex or Lightspeed? If you want to start exploring a setting, building up with a couple of short stories that share one universe but look at different facets of society is a good way to get the ball rolling.

– Io

So I was thinking, do they hire people to jump inside the cryogenic pods for like a year and then just give them a sum of money once they get out, or have they literally just stolen a bunch of discarded cryo pods that still had people in them?

They may not have to steal them. It could be a cryogenic lab before, but after USSR collapsed some people just made a bar there. In our city there is a night club, gym and cloth shop on the ex-factory territory) and there is still a lot of factory stuff there.

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