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Reality is getting… augmented.

I hate that worm, I kind of like Eve a lot. We haven’t got too much dialogues from her, but she reminds me an anarchist friend of mine. If she’s as sweet as she is I kind of hate somebody’s using her image like that (also, I’m worried about her and Dan :/ ).

Awesome as always, guys. I love the way you’ve simultaneously got this slow burn going on that’s gradually heating things up after a lot of awesome worldbuilding, but also manage to interject these sudden jumps that either redirect the plot or (more likely) shift it suddenly back in the direction it’s always been going. The mystery surrounding Dan’s ex (Eve, someone said above? Forgive me, I’m bad with most names) is definitely what I want most to know more about — but I know you won’t rush it, which the fanboy in my rages against but I ultimately know will make the story better.

Keep up the awesome work.

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