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Nice GitS poster. Glad that still exists in this universe.

If VR is this advanced in post Soviet collapse Russia, can you imagine the 90s Japanese scene in this world?

Digital Serenity? Is that an alternative to the old Dreamspace network?

They’re in the “Dreamspace” chapters, too (the three shorts that “Drugs and Wires” is a sequel to). If I remember rightly the independent Dreamspace ops were mentioning them and jeering about them – and the man that Dan and Nat are hired to hack into is at a Digital Serenity parlour, and they both go “What a noob… this’ll be easy”.

Hang on… just gone back to check that, and “11111111111111111111111” is there too in the rankings of Top 20 Mindtrippers! I love worldbuilding. Obviously someone else does too.

Yup, you’re correct! Io did a great job of keeping D&W consistent with Dreamspace to the point where most of those names got made into real characters. Of course, back then I had no idea Dreamspace would become a Real Comic, so what Io had to work with was a combo of me punching the keyboard and referencing whatever music I was listening to at a time.


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