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Technicolor animated Dan barf! My life is now complete!

Seriously though, that guys shirt is the “trying too hard” shirt. What a wanker.

I actually think that’s some really clever contrast work there, between Dan’s ironic “trying too hard” and somebody who actually is trying too hard. Nice setup and payoff.

Same story was with my acquaintance (знакомый) on the New Year party. He ruined some rich guy’s shirt with his vomit, and that guy maked him pay for that) It was something around of 5000 roubles (200$))

I was at a party a few years back. Skinhead walks up to a goth lad on the other side of the room. Vomits -into- a pocket on the goth’s trousers. Walks back across room. There was a lot of ketamine around and I’m not certain the goth guy even noticed at the time.

I ended up leaving that party because some guys were shooting fireworks at the house from the outside. Wasn’t that fun really.

I like a bit of animation in webcomics, but when you top that with an animation ala old-skool color-cycling palettes, it’s real Sceen-cred! :-D

ohhh I actually haven’t thought of those up until now : D Thanks!


I was reminded of the vintage animation method when I found its HTML5 update:
Warning: Site may leave 8-bit animators with inferiority complex.

On an not entirely unrelated not, is drugsandwires considering patreon?

Yeah, those things are amazing!

And I’m thinking of rolling out patreon for the next chapter, been thinking about it a lot! My main problem is my full time job and lack of time to work on rewards, but I’d love to switch to a freelance & patreon combo if I’m able, so I guess I should start figuring it out :D


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