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I was so happy when I saw the first calm panel u.u WHY YOU MAKE ME FEEL FEELS FOR SOMEBODY LIKE DAN!?

Anyway, wonderful page, it’s pretty beautiful actually. Also, kudos for Tetsuo poster.

Usually, monday morning rolls around and I read your comic in that gap between getting to work and doing any work. It’s comforting.
This is unexpected, on a Wednesday evening, and I’m super excited. Maybe I should read these in the evening morning often.

Yay! Surprise update!

And I’m not worried, Lins psycho computer buddy/AI thingy will save Dan. If he can sniff drugs on Dan he can tell when creeps break in.

Right? Dan is going to be OK? Well, not OK, but he won’t get any worse for the moment? Right? *sigh* OK, I’m worried…

…Welp, this is the last page before our break, so it’s gonna be a couple of months before you find out! :’D WE’RE TERRIBLE PEOPLE.


That is terrible. It’s also terrible to drop hints that Lin is part of some conspiracy.

I do like the staticy final panel, even if it does give me Five Nights at Freddy’s flashbacks.

re: Lin conspiracy, I totally called it.

srsly though, you are terrible people. On the edge of my seat here.

Also speculation, but the glowing optics on our intruder looks a bit similar to the privacy masks the politsiya were wearing. Hard to tell from the images, but I wonder…

A slit cut above the door is a nice detail, means SIM has ceiling rails across the whole apt, therefore could have access to kitchen, so… does SIM cook or do dishes? As long as working in the kitchen doesn’t appear too undignified? :)
I wonder if Lin needs to put a lens cap on her cybereye before going to sleep?

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