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Abort/Retry/Fail is probably the most useless standard prompt ever.

No no, you just switched to the proper diskette and hit R. Back in business!
OR, you could hit F and let the program do whatever it want with the failure.
OR, you could hit A and just give up the whole thing.

Warning: switching diskettes mid-operation can lead to loss of files, hair and sanity

Poor Dan, I was apparently giving him too much credit when I assumed he was smart enough to leave his infected headware alone. And budget vodka? Man, at least spend the couple bucks more for value vodka. It doesn’t taste much better but the hangovers are far less wicked.

I’m liking the flashing Dreamspace lights in the comic. :D

Me too, but it makes me wonder is that how Dan sees the world ALL THE TIME? With glitchy, random flashing of code and such? If so is that a side effect of having the worm in his headware or is it just a cumulative effect of all the tinkering he’s done with his brain, both chemical and mechanical?

I wouldn’t say all the time, but his implant definitely affects his perception of things (remember that pixel-y sun after he drops some pills in chapter 1?) How and why exactly that happens, I’d like to leave some mysticism in there :D (If anything, Io’s probably better at providing factual info than me at this point. You should totally join our livestream and bug the hell out of them about it some time.)


That sounds like fun, I’ll make every effort to check it out one of these days (though my timing is almost invariably bad for this sort of thing.)

Just like in the good ol’ times, huh? A few people have been asking me about making more Dreamspace-like stuff – and while we’re still sticking with traditional comic style at the moment, I’ll try to mix things up every now and again :)

Have I mentioned I compulsively re-read these because I like the story and I always keep noticing fun background details? Like Dan is a Skinny Puppy fan? Of course he is. Rock on Dan. I sometimes forget this is supposed to be set in the 90’s but then little things like Nate playing the original brick Gameboy and Skinny Puppy bring me back. Good times.

Aw, you make me wish I could draw stuff faster! But it makes me really happy to know all that detail is worth it. Thank you! Also yes. Dan likes experimental, unapproachable stuff 8D -cryo

I’ve heard people say that they were inaccessible/difficult to get into but to me Front 242 was a little more out there than Skinny Puppy. Not that I didn’t listen to them as well. Back in the day industrial bands were scarce so you sort of followed a bizarre anti-music rabbit hole from the more mainstream Ministry or NIN to Skinny Puppy and Front 242 until you eventually reached the stuff that sounded like a table saw shredding sheet metal. I miss the mid 90s music scene. It had so many bizarre intersections and cross layers.

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