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Just a reminder, it’s the first of the month (at least in my time zone) so don’t forget to vote early and often for D&W on TopWebComics (I have my three votes in already for the day)

<——– The link is off that way somewhere.

Just wanted to join Claire in saying “thank you” for your help in getting the word out about D&W. The comic’s a labor of love for the two of us, so it really does mean a lot. (Great taste in icons, too!)
– Io

Thanks :)

Gary King is the man (or emotionally stunted man-child as the case may be.) He’s also my FB avvy and I may have pics somewhere when I dressed as him for a World’s End themed drinking party.

And to your first point, no problem. It’s awesome for me to find something that engages my fanboy mode which is harder and harder to find the older and more cynical I become.

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