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Ah this comic is so cool! I’ve just read Dreamspace too, and it’s like a total blast from my techie-obsessed childhood. Loved the vibes! I’m 26, Rus, and in the UK too, so I feel like we grew up with the same influences.

I’ve recently read an f’ed up story that has some totally mental VR imagery that you might like:

happy tripping!

> 26, Rus, and in the UK too
Woah, are you me? 0_o

But hey, glad you’re enjoying the comic! Definitely gonna check out the story, I’m always up for some mental VR :D


>Woah, are you me? 0_o
xD Crazy coincidence! I bet we go to the same sort of clubs too. Have you ever been to Slimelight? (For some reason I have you pegged as a Londoner).

>But hey, glad you’re enjoying the comic!
Yup! Totally. I

Amazing. I’m not in London, but I live pretty close, so yeah, I’ve been to Slimes quite a few times! Last time I went was to see In Strict Confidence back in August. Been meaning to come back there, but drawing this comic really isn’t helping :D


OMG :D Crazy! I haven’t been there for a while, mostly since I got stuck up in the north after moving here for uni! Have you ever randomly bumped into anyone that was one of your readers? :D

Just put some In Strict Confidence on, wow, they’re good!

I’m not exactly sure where this Baking obsession is going but I am excited :D

So is there some way for her to remotely remove support from the VR systems now, or is she just going to pull the plug on the dreamspace series?

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