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.bat .yanya .com .bat


See, I just chose this song as this was the most old-timer-y, 90’s military propaganda I could think of. Good to see even this one has some cyber connotations if you really try :P


“Don’t fool around, America” by those same guys woulda fit well, too :)
Oh goodness, how to even translate that band name to english? Just realized how awkward the transliteration would look. “And now, here on our stage, straight from Mother Russia – put your hands together for LUBE!!”

Is Stradania the name of this whole country or just the region? Catchy!
Sufferia, Miseryland, Anguishetia… hmm, Stra-Dania… Suff-Denmark? %P :D

Sadly rather true to life, that. It’s a lot easier to call people “old-fashioned rough diamonds” when you’re not personally one of the people they’re throwing bricks at. Better get yourself a hat, Dan. I would say borrow Nagy’s, but you have enough problems without adding fleas.

Also, panels 2 and 3: Dan, this is why we love you.

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