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Did we ever get any IRL recipes for those drinks? I want to mix me up a Black Ice.

I actually started looking up licorice based cocktails (since that was the only confirmed ingredient) and now I’m wondering exactly what a Black Ice should taste like. Thematically, I think it should be sharp, so maybe something acidic or citrusy? But then I also found a drink called “Bag of Filth” which is 1-to-1 licorice and coffee liqueur, and that sounds like it might be good too… on the other hand, a variation on the “King of Denmark”, which is 4 parts licorice liqueur and 3 parts blackcurrant cordial.

After some more research and consultation, I’ve devised the following theoretical recipe:

2 Parts Licorice Liqueur
1 Part Black Raspberry Liqueur
Pour over ice
Mix with Dr. Pepper (or Mr. Pepper depending on how sad you want to feel)

Should keep a dark color and have a fairly sharp taste while still being a little bit sweet and bubbly.

Actually tried to make the “Black Ice” with your recipe. But I had no licorice liqueur, so my version was made of:
1 part of Bacardi Black
1 part of raspberry liqueur
1 part of Granat syrop
All remainig place – ice and Dr.Pepper.
In result we have a nice drink :D

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