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This whole place oozes Breaking Bad type of gig. Fertilizer checks out too. Heisenberg’s face three.
…transparent AK-47 in the first panel?

I’m glad crazy rednecks are the same everywhere.

Well, I don’t think that our rednecks wear this kind of hats) This one looks like Texas ranger or something.

You’re right, actually. He didn’t have a hat in the original concept I drew, kind of added it at the last minute for..reasons. Kind of regret it. I don’t even like drawing hats. 8I


Umm.. Is it just me, or the gun on the first panel, in the redneck’s hands, does not looks like the gun on the third panel in the same hands?

Also, AK’s, while having a useful feature of being able to go full auto, do chamber a round quite unsuitable for the hunting…
Marauders are that rampant in Stradania, or it was simpler for the redneck to nick some army supplies than to buy some rifle of higher caliber?

Not really related to this comic specifically, but I always wonder what popular media is the-same-but-different in this 1995 compared to ours. Specifically, and this may be getting meta, other scifi and Cyberpunk…

Is X-Files still in season 2 or 3, but with cybernetics treated as not (as much of) a Big Deal? The Adventures of Max Headroom? Wild Palms?

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