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Crow burger special… sounds delicious!

Would be called “Clinton supporter burger” now.

That’s not as funny as you probably think it is.

I honestly don’t get it at all.

as in they were/are eating crow after the 2016 election.
Io literally asked for (real-world) politics to be left out of the comments, so I won’t say anything more, but Trump brought out ALL the trolls. Even three years later, Trump supporters seem less unified by actual policy and more as a giant flaming, screaming carousel where the horses are instead middle fingers and smug memes.

Dan’s barf attack has already become the stuff of legend.

And I guess Dan is no longer afraid of Fixer, his angle grinder and the prospect of being cross-eyed for a week?

Good ol’ Y2K. I’m pretty sure it will be a true disaster in this universe.

According to this old comic, definitely.
– Io

Does Nate’s shirt say “less meat”

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