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Wait, then Fixer is older than Dan and the rest? (he’s obviously older than Nate since he’s a child) Is he older than Vlad? I think I’m just liking the Fixer more and more.

Fixer might be a little older than Dan, but probably not by much. “I’ve been working on headware as long as there’s been headware” might sound impressive, but the whole technology’s only been around in Stradania for 3 years or so (I’ll let Io correct me if I’m messing up our lore again…) Technically, Eve is one of the first adopters as well and Dan only came on board a few months later himself.


So… Did Lyn’s computer ever talk? I remember it being silent all the time, or is it like that just around cyborg junkies that break promises?

Shheeeez! I just binged all of this and came to the dreaded end of updates! Now I have to join the weekly crew. Came here cause a student used your comic as a related text in a SF exam – very pleased to join the D+W fans. Excellent comic making!

God, I love this comic.

It just has this foreboding sense of dread that kind of builds.

Despite the humor, the driving sense of self-destruction is very prevalent in an almost noir-ish way. Nothing is going to end well.

Took the better part of the evening, but I’ve caught up. At least, with Drugs & Wires. Didn’t realize there was a prequel until I was several pages in, so I figure I’ll read that later. For now, going into sleep mode.

Great comic.

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