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Holy heck that is an exceptionally cool effect!! Cool and viscerally upsetting. Just how I <3 my cyberpunk :)
(Not sure which version of that poster I adore more, the original Trip out one, or this nightmarish Burn Out variation instead! So cool…)

For the lazy, or unresourceful; the wingdings translate to: “FEEDING IT BACK THROUGH THE IMPLANT”

But for the more resourceful/less lazy, I’m glad the artists didn’t actually translate it themselves so we get a chance to try and puzzle it out ourselvs first! (I did it with Character Map – get all those characters, then paste it in Notepad and change the font to something normal.)

Hang on, though. If it takes stuff from his short-term memory and feeds it into the implant, surely when Dan sees it, it will end up straight back in short-term memory agai… hang on, this actually makes sense for once. And I don’t like the sense it’s making.

…Presumably Fixer can just cut the power if it gets dangerous, right?

…Lin has no programming training but Fixer has no medical training, right?

*chews nails*

I believe you are correct, it would make more sense for the two of them to pool their resources, but I sense a bit of rivalry between them.

And yea, if that’s his short term memory, it’s being filtered/distorted somehow by SkullFuck.exe before he actually perceives it. Which kind of validates my earlier theory that it kills via some sort of feedback loop.

That’s some good quality nightmare there.

This is exactly why any cyberwear needs a dedicated hardware switch to boot into safe/diagnostic/programmer mode. Just stick a paperclip in and bypass the OS for an immutable ROM boot.

“Isn’t that the exact opposite of what you were tying to do?” in this context has got to be the equivalent of the last thing you hear before going under from anesthetic being, “whoa, that’s not normal.” (Which happened to me prior to surgery a long time ago.)

And even if Dan gets his brain fried I bet Fixer will still get a ton of useful data about SkullFuck.exe that may even save the next person he tries this on.

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