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I would kindly recommend to Dan that before looking at his implant, he should go fix his stomach. I’m pretty sure that pink barfing isn’t a good sign.

Question I’ve had for a while: what language are the characters actually speaking? We’re reading it in English, but are they actually speaking Russian and it’s translated for reader convenience, or do they just happen to speak English? I just know that we see a mix of English and Russian for written various written text throughout the comics, as well as a sprinkling of Russian words in the some of the dialogue.

The characters do actually speak Russian (with the exception of our US-based scenes, of course). The signage is a bit all over the place as we’re still figuring things out, trying to find a good balance of making the world immersive, but also accessible to the reader. Though with Stradania being obsessed with tourism, a lot of the street signs would be in English anyway. Expect the language situation to only get more confusing in the upcoming chapters :D


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