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Pills are cheaper.

Have my research lead me astray? :0 I’ve read multiple accounts of people getting into heroin because pills were less affordable. Maybe it’s different in the UK though.

(failing that, maybe CODE4FOOD doesn’t understand how money work…)

Dan, are you gone mental? EVERYBODY knows that 1 dose of heroin is all you need to become a hopeless case. There will be no turning back!

Well, that’s not strictly true. In fact many don’t even end up liking in the first time from what I’ve heard/read up. Hell, most of us will be given morphine and the like at the hospital at some point in our lives and not get addicted, so getting proper hooked does require some persitence. ..On the other hand, with some persistence and denial our protagonist managed to get more addicted in weeks than others do in months or years. Sooo he’s definitely in trouble.

(UPD: Re-read this and realised it sounds like I’m trying to make heroin sound like it’s no big deal. Absolutely not the intention and no one should be doing this shit, ever. I’ve just spent a liiitle bit too much time reading up on how people get sucked into it >_> )

So, will Dan just get heroine and go on his way, or will this… enthusiast pester him about good old days resulting in something a little more interesting than protagonist wasting away?

Though… With his luck, Lin is already at his home, waiting.

I’ve never really considered Dan’s luck before, but I have to say… Dan’s luck could be much, much worse, given his terrible choices. He has, to date: survived Skullfuck.exe better than anyone else, didn’t get seen by the cops at his eulogy, hasn’t managed to kill himself with his insane drug use, didn’t get lynched by the Dregs technophobes, didn’t get blown up in the anarchist’s fertilizer explosion, didn’t get his face kicked in by the Serenity operators at Icebox thanks to a well-timed technicolor puke, and despite everything, has managed to find at least one person (Lin) who still inexplicably sort of cares whether he lives or dies.

So if his luck holds out, then hopefully Lin WILL be waiting. For his sake.

Everybody’s freaking out about Dan doing heroin
And I’m just sitting here enjoying the self-destruction arc.

srsly, I’m a little surprised at how strongly people react. I feel invested in the story and characters, sure, but I want to see interesting and potentially terrible things happen to them so I can see how they get out of them (or don’t!).

Moar I say!

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