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Police? Secret police? Drug police!? D:

PS: The feels :c

I had a dream a few nights past that my partner was using heroin. After a while I got to the point that I knew I was in a dream, but I couldn’t work out if, outside the dream, her illness (which I knew was real) was the result of heroin withdrawl or not.

Not a pleasant night’s sleep.

Is there any significance to the fact that “real life” Eve (as depicted in flashbacks and dreamspace so far) seems to have a scar over her eye and hallucination Eve doesn’t?

Hey, Cryo and Io.
First time commenting, but mad respect for what you’re doing here.

As someone who has struggled with opioid abuse for a long time, this webcomic has resonated with me in a way nothing else has. Seeing Daniel’s struggle makes me want to change, and even though it won’t be overnight, I want you guys to know that you can seriously have an impact on peoples’ lives .

Keep on doing what you do, guys. I hope I can look forward to your comics for many years to come.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and getting in touch. It really means a lot to us – the drug storyline’s probably received the most tweaks out of everything with me trying to get it right. I was getting worried about some of our readers getting *inspired* by what Dan’s doing, so I’m glad to hear he’s actually motivating you to get better. I know it’s a long and difficult path, but I really hope it works out for you! <3
We do indeed have years' worth of this comic planned out (not counting the side stories...), so do stick around :)


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