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Chapter 3 Page 31

Chapter 3 Page 31 published on 12 Comments on Chapter 3 Page 31

And here it is, the final page of this chapter. Thanks to all of you who followed our updates, commented and supported us on Patreon for the past few months! We’ll be going on a shorter break than we used to – estimating about a month. In the meantime, feel free to share your chapter 4 predictions here!


Who is Raz?
I know Vitaly is doing the same thing I would do, but damn, I hate him.
Well, have a nice break! I love your art Claire and Io’s world building is awesome, I really hope you come back with renewed energies to make Dan even more miserable.
My prediction? The next chapter will start with some USA action and then we will move to eastern Europe the rest of the chapter.

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