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Hey I remember that guy holding a floppy, he dropped a can at train station once and forced me to pick it up for him!

Probably worth noting that that’s a real Soviet gas mask design, too – the so-called Shlem Maskoń≠ Spetsialnoń≠, or “Special Helmet Mask”. (Spoopy glowing eyes possibly not standard issue.)
– Io

*Shlem-Maska Spetsialnaya, RSH-4 to be precise ;0

If you can’t trust random-ass gas mask Wikias, who can you trust?
– Io

Schutzmaske Spezial – once issued in East Germany (where I live) and many other Soviet states, and currently in use in Syria. Strange world of coincidences we live in.
Now all we need are night-vision goggles like in Jin-Roh or cat-eye cybernetic implants for that glowing eye effect. They could even be sewer-dwellers like in Escape from New York (or the countless other dystopian works that have mole people, from H.G. Wells to the Wachowskis)

Well now I want to see a bunch of cyborg equipment and synth material tossed out in just the right way for it to spontaneously form a somewhat humanoid living mess that gets up and drags itself out of the trash. And for the only reaction it gets from most people to be a comment on how cheap it is to be dumpster diving for augments or the usual anti-cybernetics rhetoric.

I get the feeling that a lot more happened while Dan was out of it than Lin is telling him.

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