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I didn’t get the Sandman reference until I read the comments, I was about to start re-reading the archives to see if it was a character’s handle that I had missed. And speaking of handles, I really like that you tag characters that appears so you can see which comics they previously appeared in. I knew from the context of the conversation who NoK00l was but didn’t recognize Dreamspaece other that I felt like I had seen her before. I didn’t realize she had appeared at the Icebox.

yeah, I guess it can be hard to remember all the new characters appearing, especially with all the different clothing/lighting schemes going on >_> But this is definitely not their last appearance, so hopefully they’ll get more familiar as the comic goes on :) Oh and Sandman is a character’s handle in this case – but said character hasn’t been revealed yet! (UPD: Io replied at the same time as me, reminding us both that Sandman has been mentioned :p Still, until I draw their face, they’re not a real character just yet!)


What about those “crow” shirts? Specially the Unylsk one. Is that a symbol of the city?

You know, I’ve straight-up considered getting a Dreamspace tattoo on the side of my head. I wear a mohawk, but I figure if I decide I don’t like it anymore one day, I can just grow it out. I dunno, still thinking about it.

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