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Going to Vlad for help seems like a REALLY bad plan. Unless he wants to be bored to death with listening to how “edgy” Vlad is in which case it will work like a charm.

Vlad almost certainly can’t solve a security problem himself, but he knows enough people to be a good way of finding other contacts. I suspect he’ll try to get Dan or his friends on board with working for Digital Serenity in exchange for getting credit as a recruiter, maybe try to get MHF to front his next business venture. Which sounds like an even worse plan, though I could see him selling clothes to NoK00l and setting up what’s essentially a Hot Topic with a Starbucks in it.

I was wondering if the plan wasn’t to use Vlad to smoke out Sandman under false pretenses, which would put Vlad in a very awkward position if people found out he’d (albeit inadvertently) sold out his own people to “the Man”.

Viktor Sukhorukov as Tatarin in the Brother movies.

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