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Dan’s hair seems to have grown considerably, how’s his tattoo still visible? (sorry to be such a nitpick :P) Like his new(ish) look! And his t-shirt is a stroke of genius.

Because it’s not a tattoo, it’s a lid ;o

Actually it is his tattoo. I kind of assumed his hair is light and sparse enough for it to still be a bit visible, but in retrospect it doesn’t look right and is also kind of annoying to draw :’D So i might actually edit it out.


The “vitamins” are probably the aspect I find the most shady out of this. It looks like the members are being charged for them, and that they are being told fairly aggressively to buy them. What are the ramifications of not buying them? Is this to get people who already have addiction issues addicted to something new? Seems super shady.

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