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I want to know what Filosof sees that makes him think a partnership with Vlad will be anything other than a disaster…

That is the most baffling part of all of this. Unless Filosof actually believed Vlad when Vlad told him all about how awesome he is and how respected he is in the Dreamspace community. In which case Filosof is an idiot and deserved whatever happens to him.

I love that he’s holding a smoke machine c:

That was an excellent touch.

Probably even better than his vampire fangs.

I like to believe he wears those little stick on fangs you can get for halloween. Just, you know, constantly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he sharpened his teeth on purpose. You know, to get in touch with his inner darkness or his vampiric soul and whatnot.

I worked with a guy who very un-subtly sharpened his canines. They don’t have the kind of length or projection as Vlad’s so Vlad’s are either stick on as Kidd suggested or he went all out and had sharpened tooth caps added professionally. Which seems too polished for Vlad’s style.

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