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I wonder what does that billboard on the first panel says.

Middle school 18. In (post-)soviet educational system, middle school encompasses all grades, so a student usually spends all his/her education years in a single school.

Interesting how quickly Vitaly is rising to the rank of “most detest character” for me.

Which is impressive, given the corrupt corporate executive from the previous page who is threatening to fire people if they fail to raise the company’s sales.

Vitaly and Hope-Fokker are both trying to increase sales, he’s just basically making Dan a slave through manipulation. Hope-Fokker is just firing people which is bad, but not as personally detestable IMO.

Like, Dan would probably be better off getting a new job and moving on with his life at this point but Vitaly has him wrapped around his little finger. Which if you think about it, he’s also more or less captive to Lin as well. Hmm…

Dan’s missing his implant cover in third panel.
School uniform is an interesting detail hinting that this particular school is probably privately-run (and expensive). In a regular school at the time, students could wear whatever they damn well pleased.

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