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Realistically speaking: The fall probably wouldn’t be his demise in this case because countless people have made dives from greater heights, rather, hypothermic shock to his system from frigid water proceeded by drowning would be the cause of death.

There hasn’t been any signs of someone following him so I do not expect anyone to suddenly grab him just before the fall. Perhaps someone might be watching from a distance or might see him fall and then try to save him by swimming. *Shrug* That is, if the author decided Dan doesn’t die from this and only ends up experiencing a near death moment, perhaps sobering him up for a while in a manner of speaking. Some people change for the better after experiencing a significant trauma like this. I will remain positive but expect the worst.

The removal of the safety tape is both visually great and deeply symbolic. Despite how sad the page makes me feel it is wonderfully composed and executed.

Now get your head out of your ass Dan, stop that at once.

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