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Does the dog have brandy?

Alas, Dan has his drug-sensing wristband. Cannot get sloshed even if he wanted to (and he BADLY wants to).

So yes, good dog, best friend. But no thank you.

Calling it now. Eve is working by night as a masked badass.

No, no. That would be a reason to have hope. Hope is not allowed in Drugs and Wires. It is forbidden.

This might be a reason to live. But it is going to fuck Dan up some more.

Jesus, ok, it’s Vlad. Is that hopeless enough?

No, that can’t be Vlad. Vlad was actually somewhat a friend and that get-up is far too restrained for Vlad. Plus can you imagine any dog putting up with Vlad?

No, the guy might give Dan a reason to live. It’s just not going to be a pretty one.

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