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Sandman is originally referenced in Dreamspace DS1, where he’s shown to be on the top of the DS leaderboards for a very brief amount of time. Several panels later, he’s absolutely and entirely gone– not even on the top five. Dan, of course, has taken his position.

This is mildly alarming, because the other four users don’t really seem to shift leaderboard positions at all– which means that Dan found a way to get to the top *very* quickly, and that Sandman found a way to drop like a brick *very* quickly, all before anyone else’s rating really had the chance to change.

Winter Break Homework Assignment:

1. What exactly is Sandman doing that requires him to break into the homes of not only dreamspace operators, but also just general crime-doers like Lin?

2a. Why does Sandman insist on LARPing as a Civil Protection/Cremator unit from the Half-Life series?
2b. What purpose does Sandman have for keeping the fact that he’s alive all hush-hush secret-secret?
2c. What purpose does Sandman have for unmasking himself to the world specifically right now?
2d. Tell me about the Sandman. Why does he wear the mask?

3. What was the reason behind Sandman going MIA? Was he hit by “the worm” as well? “Sandman, but you’re–” is probably cut off to imply “dead”, which would support this line of reasoning. That being said, between Dan, Shitparade, and Sandman, this theory would imply that the worm is probably far less deadly than we initially thought.

4. Both Sandman and Sanddog are carrying fairly full backpacks. Is there something important in them? Sandman implies “he has a place”, which implies that whatever’s in those bags likely isn’t clothes, food, and toiletries– because those could be at the “place”.

See you all next year!

Sandman isn’t on the Epitaph (c1p20) so isn’t officially a Worm victim. In fact, he’s known to be active online (c3p7) but apparently not in person. Prior to that he was certainly on close terms with the Dreamspace ops (see Blue Pill Arcade, even cryo’s teasers) in which case the mask is useful and cool looking in terms of remaining unrecognised. I do wonder why he went to Fixer’s and was visible, but snuck into Lin’s place. Sometime to do with Skullfuck, I would suppose.

Regarding backpacks: sometimes you just gotta accessorise.

There is one one question:

How does he wear glasses under the gas mask?

I was considering giving Sandman no glasses and different hair because of that, but figured out I should keep him looking like I plan on drawing him normally so people don’t get confused :D MOVIE MAGIC!


Did you ninja-edit this to a version where Sandman has very faint facial hair, or am I going crazy?

I just remember not realizing Sandman was a “he” until I read the blurb you wrote, so I thought maybe…

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