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First I was, “lol, Furby” then I was like, “wtf, run for your life Dan!”

Also, what the hell is that dog thing next to the Furby? I would swear I saw one before but googling “robot dog doy” was no help.

It’s Sony’s Aibo I guess…

Too recent though, Aibo went into production in 98/99.

I never knew this comic was strict 1995 references besides, you do realize too that 98/99 are coming up on being 20 years retro too?

Yeah, I’m not aiming for historical accuracy here. If it amuses or fascinates me or is an iconic 90’s thing, i’ll include it :D Dan’s and Lin’s not-Nokia phones aren’t exactly period-accurate either.

I keep checking and rechecking the math, but I simply cannot parse that there are adult readers of your comic that were not even born in 1995. That hazy landscape off in the distance, with broken items and discarded pasts and discarded futures. I know that place, I was there once, in 1995. :”-(

Born in 1994 myself, not too far off. There are a lot of distinct things I remember about my early childhood. Like the clothing, toys, commercials and animated tv shows that were common during that period. Seeing references to that time is amusing to say the least but it doesn’t bother me if some things are too early in this web-comic. It is an alternate timeline/universe of its own and any inconsistencies can easily be judged as normal for them. I mean, we still don’t even have cybernetics even close to what they have accomplished… so there’s plenty of room for creative distinctions. All cool.

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