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I think it’s the first time I got upset with Lin. Am I starting to empathize with Dan :s?

Seriously. Given that Dan is going through drug withdrawal (probably), that he came this far shows a remarkable restraint. Getting jerked around by Lin, while undergoing that kind of stress, would cause anybody to lose their temper.

Gotta go to employer-mandated rehab – culty rehab at that – and now he has to deal with this crap? Dan’s reaction is totally understandable.

Wait, i just realized, is drugs and wires in fictional belarus? Mostly russian, one Main city minsk, very post soviet union, further researcheck says pro west gov’t until the early 90s. Am I just noticing patterns here?

In the story, they are in the city of Unylsk in the Soviet country of Stradania. All of which is a fictional region. They are essentially in an alternate timeline with certain advances in technology ahead of their time and some minor regional differences such as the existence of this particular country and the people within.

We pull from a lot of places to develop Stradania, so it’s not so much a mirror of one country as a collection of post-Soviet bits and bobs we’ve decanted over the years. Claire’s home, Latvia, provided much of the initial inspiration for Dan’s world, but there’s also elements of ’90s Russia (especially pop culture) and other Eastern Bloc countries, including Bulgaria and former East Germany.
– Io

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